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I’m Yann Roirand
Welcome on my
2019 PortFolio!

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  • Graphic & Text Design
  • Video Games
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I’m a Video Game Producer.
I’ve learned most of what I know in this field through practice: during Game Jams and throughout working on ambitious projects with my friends.

Before Game Jams showed me my true passion, my decision to make my own games led me to the IUT of Bobigny where I completed my BA [Licence Professionnelle].
Before Bobigny, I studied everything Adobe Creative Suite at the University of Sunderland, where I first got the idea for the video game that would change my life [].
Before Sunderland, I spent my High School years at ISHR in Hannover, where I obtained my IB as well as a fluency in the English language that would give me a chance to continue my studies across the Channel.

I’m from Nantes, I currently live in Paris, and I’m working hard to get accepted at Angoulême by next Seprember so I keep on learning new things about my job, to keep writing my story.
Video Games, a medium so young yet growing so fast, are a way to tell a moving, earth-shaking story like no other.
The times we’re living now – these are incredible times to be alive,
and I want to be part of this – because I’ve got a story to tell.

It might take me 5 years to get there – or 15 – or even 50 – that, I don’t know.

But there’s only one way to find out!

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I participated in 16 Game Jams so far.████████████████████
What’s my secret? Glad you asked!███████████████████████
I’d be happy to show you█████████████████████████████
Use the gmail account & password displayed████████████████

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to see the blend of management tools I use to support my teams, to make sure we all have a great time from start to finish, and to come up together with amazing little games we’re all proud of, in 48h only:████
Google Drive██████████████████████████████████
Discord / Slack███████████████████████████████

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